In Greek mythology the Amazons were a force to be reckoned with.  Rumor has it that they cut off their left breasts to make themselves better archers and spear throwers.  But I stress, this is only a rumor.  There has never been any proof of this.  The legend surrounding the Amazons paints them as fierce warriors conquering tribes and nation states from Europe to Asia.  But here is where the myth becomes muddled.

According to some sources, men were never allowed within Amazon Country.  Sources claim that in order to prevent their society from dying out once a year the Amazons made nice with a neighboring tribe of men.  The female children of these encounters were raised by their mothers, the male offspring were either killed, left in the woods, or returned to their fathers.

The other version of the story goes like this.  Men were not only allowed in Amazon country but they were kept in the same manner that we think of housewives.  They maintained the homes while the women governed and defended the nation.


Women and men aren’t that different from each other and yet contemporary wisdom still has us fighting the same old battles.

Who is stronger? – Surely, if you put any female athlete against her male counterpart she would lose.

And stop me if you’ve heard this one.  Don’t you want to get married? Or if you’re already married – So when are you going to have kids? As if ALL women want the exact same life.  And all of those lives include a white picket fence with 2.5 children and a dog.

A fifty year old single woman is an old bitter spinster, a figure to be pitied.  A fifty year old single man is a distinguished bachelor, a man of experience, who holds some untold allure for both men and women.


Our purpose here is to have those tough discussions.  To shine a light on contemporary issues that affect women and examine them from a female perspective.  To celebrate what it means to be a woman and explore our commonality and differences.  Does that mean that men are excluded from the conversation? Absolutely not.  Men should feel free to comment here as well.  But the purpose of this site is to engage women from all cultures and walks of life in defining their womanhood for themselves.


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