5 Most Annoying Things About Being Poly



  1. Spell check.  In Word, the squiggly little green lines that appear when I type husbands.  Never happens when I type wives, though.  Hmm …
  2. We need a separate dictionary.  Triads, Quads, Open, Closed, Fluid-bonded – we’ve given new meaning to these words.  Not to mention, I was shocked to find compersion in Wikipedia but as I type it here – those damn red lines appear again.
  3. The assumption that all poly women are either idiots or pawns or both.  Seriously? As if monogamous women weren’t traded and bought like a piece of property? I mean who coined the terms “trophy wife” and “Stepford wives?”
  4. Couple-size.  From restaurant tables to walking down the street.  Who stands/sits next to whom? Should there be a system of rotation?
  5. The off-handed, “good luck with that” monogamous types dish out while chuckling.  Do I laugh at your engagement? Say, “good luck with that whole rising divorce rate?” Nope.

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