Parents Can Prevent Domestic Violence


As parents, we spend a good amount of time trying to shield our children from one ill or another.  Domestic violence can happen to anyone at any age but we can stop it before it starts.  Abuse thrives in an environment of isolation, helplessness, and fear.  Here are 17 ways to defeat that environment:

  1. SHARE responsibility for the safety of everyone’s children.
  2. THINK about the effects of spanking.
  3. DEVELOP an AWARENESS of shared family beliefs about violence and its effect on others.
  4. LET boys CRY.
  5. LET girls BE angry and don’t label them as aggressive when they stand up for themselves.
  6. ENCOURAGE teens to have healthy relationships by teaching facts and strategies, not fear.
  7. ACCENTUATE positive characteristics of healthy relationships.
  8. BE aware of your actions around children.
  9. MAKE COMPASSION and TOLERANCE parts of your lifestyle.
  10. PRACTICE & TEACH empathy.
  11. Don’t minimize or dismiss other people’s feelings.
  12. Be an ALLY; STAND UP for someone else.
  13. In an escalating confrontation, LOWER your voice.
  14. REFRAIN from using violent words or actions when reacting to conflict, stress or anger.
  15. DEVELOP positive outlets for dealing with problems or stress.
  17. NAME abuse when you see it.

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